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"Monique's cakes are both delicious and beautiful! A real treat.... I'm totally hooked!!"

Thanks so much,

Darlene Betz

“Not only does Monqiue make gorgeous cakes, she also makes the best cake I've ever tasted! I highly recommend the red velvet or almond cake. They are both AMAZING! I cannot wait for her to make my wedding cake!"

Chelsea Walton

"The cake was beautiful! Exactly what i wanted! And it tasted great too.

Our food was AMAZING!!!! We still have people complimenting the food even four years later! You did everything i wanted and more. You helped out with with everything i asked! You went out of your way to help make our day special and we are so grateful to you!

You were very pleasant and very professional! We are looking foward to working with you again! Thanks again for everything!!!!"

Stacy Costella


1 year ago my husband and I had a Magical wedding at Antrim 1844 and

selected you for our wedding cake vendor. We still remember that special weekend down to the cake!

Prior to our wedding, we had interviewed four other vendors who made beautifully "structured" cakes but, the taste was either absent, ordinary and/or too sugary.

We selected your work because the cakes we sampled were not only moist and delicious but also because your cream cheese frosting was Amazing! In fact, we chose cakes to compliment it; the Red Velvet cake as well as the carrot cake (as separate tiers) were both Wonderful and the proof was from the compliments we received from our guests.

We live in California and consider ourselves foodies due to all the culinary options in our area. We are returning to Antrim next week for our 1 year Anniversary and plan to have your cake again upon our trip, because it was that memorable! :)


Joe and Lori

“ My husband recently celebrated his 40 birthday, and I went to Monique to find that extra special cake. Jamie is a diabetic, so I needed something that was almost completely sugar-free, but still tasty. She really listened to both my needs as well as my wants, and the end result far surpassed anything I hoped for. My husband was thrilled, and couldn’t believe he was actually able to eat this cake. It was the talk of the party, and I couldn’t have been happier. Monique is extremely pleasant to work with, and really goes above and beyond to make your vision a reality. I would recommend Gateau Monique to anyone needing a cake for any special occasion!”

Diane Walton

"We were absolutely thrilled with this cake for our 25th wedding anniversary! Monique did a beautiful job on it-- it had a classic, yet updated and elegant look for our occasion. The cake tasted as good as it looked too. Our guests enjoyed having a choice of several scrumptious flavors. The red velvet was especially memorable. Monique is always professional, yet personable: a joy to know and work with."

Wayne & Lisa Steinour

"Monique, where to start...our cake was stunning. It was exactly as we imagined it and we loved the added monogram. It was not only beautiful, but delicious as well. We got so many compliments on both flavors. People kept saying that the pretty cakes usually don't taste that good. Thank you so much!"

~Traci and Brad Shultz

"You created our perfect wedding cake. It was absolutely beautiful, and delicious. We were so pleased with how well the cake turned out. We received many compliments from all our guests. I can't wait to recommend you to others. Thank you for making our special day that much more special. Thank you for all your hard work."

Karen and Gary Swift

"Our cake was simply devine! Perfect texture and moistness. The highlight of dinner."

~Greg Watson~

"Monique, Thank you so much for making Aunt Sharon's birthday cake. Not only did the cake taste amazing, but it looked amazing as well. It meant so much that you personalized the cake with those beautiful roses. I look forward to enjoying more cakes from you in the future. Thank you again, you really made that night so wonderful!"

Stephanie Wenck


The wedding cake was absolutely beautiful and delicious. Thank you so much!! We loved it!!"



"Thank you so much again for the absolutely divine cake. Joe and I

were completely overwhelmed with how beautiful and delicious the cake

was. It was certainly a naughty pleasure to be able to snack on the

leftovers that Antrim 1844 provided us with; the top layer is securely

freezer-proofed and frozen and awaiting that glorious day next year

that we can re-open it and enjoy your cake a second time. The cake

was amazing, and many of our guests commented on how delicious it was as well as aesthetically pleasing. Truly a win-win situation - my

goodness it was amazing. I know I'm repeating myself a bit, but I

want to express to you exactly how much Joe and I loved it."

~Jessica Nave Blodgett~

"Monique, If I haven't already said it enough, the cake was FANTASTIC! Oh my goodness! So good!"

Joseph Blodgett


"You totally rocked our wedding cake. We LOVED it!! I can't believe you remember that I loved those Adirondack chairs and the fences! I wish I could have looked at it longer, but there were lots of hungry people standing in line for their slice of heaven :) I can't thank you enough for everything you did to make... our wedding day perfect. We've got nothing but rave reviews about our wedding!!"

Chelsea Felty

Monique, "BEST cake ever!!! :)"

Debra Walton

"We got so many compliments on our cake -- everyone loved it and said it was the best wedding cake they'd ever had! We did manage to have a few bites, but both of us wish we'd focused on it a bit more and had a chance to really enjoy it. Maybe if we come back to Antrim for our anniversary next year we can convince you to make us a small version!"
Thanks again,
Molly Montgomery


"Thank you so much for the the incredible cake. Steve and I loved LOVED loved the chocolate and the buttercream.... I could probably eat that for the rest of my life. I loved the look of the cake too. It fit perfectly in our minimalist wedding. Thank you again for everything you did and I can only hope for the best!!


Caitlin and Steve Keser


Thank You so much for making the most amazing cake ever!!!!

You did exactly what I wanted.. You truly are so amazing and talented.

Love, Kelly Moorman

Hi Monique,

Just want to let you know that Kristen was SO pleased with the cake!! It was as beautiful as it was delicious and we received so many compliments!! The strawberry shortcake was also a tremendous hit and my son absolutely loved it!

It was very nice working with you and I intend on keeping your contact information for the future.

Thanks again!!


Hi Monique!

I just wanted to write a quick THANK YOU for the delicious, beautiful cakes! They tasted absolutely delicious (I'm kicking myself that we didn't get small ones to celebrate our first anniversary) and were beautiful to boot. I spoke with Elizabeth after the wedding, and she said it was the first time she had seen guests lining up for seconds on wedding cake!

Thanks so much for your great work - good luck in your career as a baker and, more importantly, as a mom! :)




Thank you so much for baking our gorgeous and delicious wedding cake. It turned out exactly how we wanted it to. We got so many compliments from family and friends saying it was the best wedding cake they had ever eaten. Also, thank you for making us a seperate Anniversary cake, we're already excited to eat it!

Thanks again,

Cameron & Gabby Leach

Dear Monique,

I wanted to write to you to thank you for the absolutely AMAZING wedding cake that you made for our big day on May 25th. Our guests are STILL raving about it... the peanut butter in-particular was a HUGE hit. The cake itself was absolutely stunning I could not have asked for a better cake for our wedding.

Thank you very much for sharing your talents with us, it was a pleasure working with you. I have attached a few photos from a friends camera on their phone...once we get our professional pictures of the cake, I will also pass them along!

Again, thank you SO SO very much, I do not think I can express enough how absolutely pleased and mesmerized we were by your talent.



the cake was amazing!! Everyone enjoyed it! We had so much left over, that I took it to my work, and shared it with my co workers. They all raved about how good it was, and how much they loved the icing. Thank you again!

Diane Walton

Thank you so much for Mom and Dad's cake! You did an amazing job at making it a fish theme! Not only was it beautiful, it was delicious and so were the cupcakes! I took one bite of the cupcake and told Felicia and Jus I felt like I just got diabetes lol. Thank you again for doing an amazing job!

Sierra Rudolph

Hi Monique!

Thank you so much for my wonderful cake and desserts! Everyone raved about them!!

Lee Kendall

Dear Monique,

Thank you for baking THE most delicious and beautiful cake for our wedding! All of the cakes tasted (and looked) amazing. We have never heard so many compliments about wedding cake before (and our guests are still raving about it!)

The Captain Picard figure was beautifully done, and was such a big hit! Jensen was completely surprised, and our guests love it. Thank you so much for going above and beyond in every way. Thanks also for your patience throughout the process- we know we took extra time to finalize numbers and flavors. Much appreciated.

Many Thanks,

Revathi & Jensen Jose

Everything tasted awesome! Everyone loved it.


Monique is a very talented, classically trained chef. She made our wedding cakes, all of the cakes were amazing and beautiful. Her vanilla cake with cream cheese icing is the best! If you live in the area definitely have Monique make your cake, it will be the best! My guests loved the cakes! She was a pleasure to work with.


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